Artificial Plants 
2.0 next level (maniac)
made 100% Fireproof and UV rays Resistant 

Yiwu Vanguard Co. LTD,  pioneer and leading manufacturer in China of 100% FIRE AND UV RESISTANT artificial plants made with Guaranteed Polymers Fireproof and Uv resistant.

Our state-of-the-art technology on ultra high-quality complex polymers imported from the EU, USA and JAPAN, has allowed us to develop superior quality products, ensuring safety and durability..

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BURNING and DYING is no longer permissible now that technology can be used to save lives and capital.

The owners of the properties will never make a choice contrary to this statement which concerns their lives and those of their family members and collaborators, as well as for the protection of their capital and assets.

Whoever provides the appropriate certifications WILL WIN the tenders and take the jobs. While those who do not comply will be forced to do small jobs.

Don't miss this new business opportunity to become the reference for Fireproof and UV resistant products in your market and start by writing us an email. Do it now.  

Achieved V0 (Vertical Zero) the best!

to have obtained the approval of the SGS test, the fire resistance

level V0 (V zero) 

according to the USA standard UL94 rev.9-2018 section 8.


The test declares that our polymers are very resistant and long-lasting to exposure to sunlight, which has UV rays that degrade the colors,


(longer duration=less cost)

Despite these qualities, being manufacturers, we offer competitive prices and products that are unmatched on the current market, for details and finishes.

We have several production (ferns, drooping, bushes…) but our best seller product is the appreciated Nordic Moss Replica 3D 50x50cm


With own both molds, can produce Standard 2D @930 gr or New Rich 3D @ 1167gr (50x50cm)
The visual difference is quite evident, however the 2D one costs less and can be used to mount on very large panels or walls where the budget could be discriminating.
Both can be mounted vertically or on the roof horizontally cos the leaves are all well fixed to the back support. 

some examples

100% FR&UV

If you are here, probably it means that you have recevied an email form us

Our target are the Importers (only)

We don't share to everyones the prices and the samples.No 

we prefer direct relationships with well-known importers who share our vision of excellence, avoiding sales through intermediary, trade fairs or through web portals.

Our business is tipical export with ***** five stars services

We don't use thirdy tradings co. because we have achieved from along time, the authorization from the Government to export directly using our own export licence.

Aren't you tired of the lies?

Considering a new supplier who presents these all-too-good credentials may appears not true, but we assure you that our commitment to quality control and innovation is world-class, despite our Chinese base.

For more information, request a sample or simply ask the quotation, please contact us.

We will be happy to discuss how our products can enrich your commercial offer.

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